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Welcome to Two Moons Records

Welcome to the site of Two Moons Records. We may not be the most prolific or professional label out there, but we do things with passion.

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Order Urze De Lume’s “Histórias de Lobos”

You can now order Urze De Lume’s “Histórias de Lobos – Entre O Lume E A Escuridão” cassette tape. The tape features seven tracks, is limited to 75 copies, comes with download card and a wrap outside paper stylized with logo. Price is € 7,50 + postage and pre-orders payments are accepted via PayPal. Please…

Urze de Lume – Histórias de Lobos

“Histórias de Lobos – Entre o Lume e a Escuridão” Still present on the collective memory of the brave Lusitanian ancestors, “Histórias de Lobos – Entre o Lume e a Escuridão” (Wolf Stories – Between the Fire and Darkness) come to us as a dark winter night, remembering that not long ago the call of…

Urze De Lume

Urze de Lume represent a homage to the past. Strongly inspired by the Iberian tradition, their music aims to celebrate the roots which identify a people and bind them to their land. Their repertoire transmits the surviving soul of an era in which man and nature walked hand in hand, with respect for the land, the occult…

Never loose a night of full moon again.